George Levi Captain

This will be filled in with info about me later.

My Projects

This is a list of the projects that I have worked on. Not all projects are finished.

Galactic Entrepreneur

This was something I made a about a year ago. I threw it together in about a week. Languages used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS


More information is given if you click the link. This is a project that my Sister and I are developing. I can't say much more about this. Other than what is said on this page.

Binance Trading Bot

This was a bot that I spent roughly 8 months on. It was an attempt at developing a bot to trade BitCoin automatically. A friend developed the strategy, I developed the code. We have lately began pursuing another trading strategy, and have decided that this bot should be put aside to focus on our new strategy and studying for college. Language used: C#

This Website

This website has been designed entirely from scratch.